Contrary to prevalent belief,
SIDS can be prevented.

We are convinced that using the New Zealand SIDS prevention method described on this website will protect your baby from SIDS. Fully stopping SIDS sounds to be totally incomprehensible doesn't it. But since 1996 in New Zealand there has not been a single SIDS death on a BabeSafe® wrapped mattress when the specified bedding has been used. Worldwide there have not been any SIDS deaths reported on a BabeSafe® wrapped mattress.

Here's the mattress-wrapping method against SIDS in a nutshell:

Simply, first put a good gas barrier between your baby and his/her mattress with a BabeSafe® mattress cover, and second keep the type of bedding with the specific type of chemical compounds found in it, away from your baby up on top of the BabeSafe® cover by your baby. We are Campaigning to Prevent SIDS.

Your SIDS mattress cover is available from our BabeSafe® Store link in our Menu. Our goal is to prevent SIDS. That is why the BabeSafe® covers are only available in infant mattress sizes.

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The Toxic Gas Theory:

What you need to know is that the Toxic Gas Theory is the basis for the mattress-wrapping method with BabeSafe® mattress covers and its summary is given in this image:

The Cause of SIDS and How to Prevent SIDS

Summarized, the Toxic Gas Theory means that SIDS can likely occur if:
  ● the elements phosphorous (P), arsenic (As), and/or antimony (Sb) are present in the baby's mattress;
  ● the common household fungus is present and
  ● then also that there is an increase in temperature.
This causes the fungus to grow, metabolizing compounds containing those elements to create nerve gases.

Mattress-wrapping requires eliminating as many of the factors involved with SIDS as possible. Especially important for prevention is keeping the mattress and bedding sources of the chemical elements P, As and Sb away from your baby and minimizing sources of body heat.

The key is to use a BabeSafe® mattress cover over your baby's mattress and only 100% pure cotton bedding, with no padding fill.

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What Baby Mattress Covers, LLC Offers You:

The worldwide, well known BabeSafe® cot mattress covers with 245,000+ sold to New Zealanders since 1996, are still of the original durable design. There has been a 100% success rate in New Zealand against cot death with the covers, when 100% cotton bedding has also been used. This outside link to the BabeSafe Statistics shows the results of the New Zealand mattress-wrapping campaign to prevent cot death/SIDS. Your following the guidelines outlined on our Bedding Instructions page are necessary for full effectiveness.

The original BabeSafe® SIDS wraps are waterproof, non-toxic, easily cleaned and can be used, when in good condition, from one baby to the next baby. They are gas impermeable, and then by definition and by specific purpose, they are not breathable. The crib wraps put a barrier between your baby and the infant-sized mattress he/she sleeps on.

The BabeSafe® mattress protectors we offer at Baby Mattress Covers, LLC are free from the chemical elements phosphorous, arsenic and/or antimony. As is said above, these are the same elements in mattresses that take part in the formation of toxic gases described under the Toxic Gas Theory cause of SIDS. The crib wraps do not contain any BPA, VOCs, latex or phthalates.

Off-gassing is not the cause of SIDS, according to the Toxic Gas Theory. The toxic gases created from the chemical elements P, As and Sb are the cause of SIDS. Although the BabeSafe® covers will still provide a barrier for your baby from any BPA or latex in a mattress (as well as block VOCs, such as formaldehyde) these are not the cause of SIDS put forth by Dr. Sprott.

Our BabeSafe® cover Sizes available can be used as crib, co-sleeper, "pack n play", and bassinet mattress covers. Although toddlers no longer are in danger of SIDS happening to them, the BabeSafe® covers can be used as toddler mattress covers as well when sleeping in a crib that converts into a toddler bed.

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The Mattress-Wrapping Story

In 1989 Mr. Barry A. Richardson, a British consultant scientist, proposed the theory that SIDS/Crib Death was caused by toxic gases generated from elements commonly present in babies' mattresses. Dr. TJ Sprott, a New Zealand forensic scientist, had suspected the same since the mid-1980s. Dr. Sprott felt that SIDS babies were not dying from a medical condition, but from a sleeping environment cause.

As a result of their research, Mr. Richardson and Dr. Sprott found that most baby mattresses and many bedding items contain small amounts of the elements phosphorus, arsenic and/or antimony, which are incorporated for purposes such as a plastic softener, fire retardant, a fungicide or as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, a normally harmless household fungus (Scopulariopsis brevicaulis) often grows in mattresses. Separately, the presence of the elements P, As or Sb in mattresses and bedding does not pose danger. But when heat and moisture in the baby's crib results in fungal growth, the fungus interacts with these elements, causing the generation of extremely poisonous gases. If a baby is exposed to even a small dose of these gases, the baby's breathing and heart functions stop, resulting in SIDS/Crib Death.

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The Solution to SIDS

In the mid-1990s Dr. Sprott started a nationwide mattress-wrapping campaign in New Zealand to eliminate SIDS/Crib Death. In 1996, he invented the BabeSafe® crib mattress cover, which is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic cot cover in the form of a bag, manufactured under strict requirements to contain no detectable phosphorus, arsenic or antimony. The baby's mattress is sealed inside this protective cover, with the result that no gas generation occurring in the mattress can reach the baby.

Since BabeSafe® mattress covers came onto the market in New Zealand in 1996, there has been no reported case of SIDS/Crib Death among the very large number of babies who have slept on BabeSafe® wrapped mattresses (with also using the specified bedding for a wrapped mattress). For the latest statistics on the New Zealand SIDS mattress-wrapping campaign click/tap here.

Dr. Sprott's SIDS method was developed as a simple and affordable method of protecting babies from toxic gases which can be generated in mattresses. As an authorized distributor of BabeSafe® mattress covers, we can process your order through our website's store.

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patrick jay logoAssistance Options:

Look for the Discounts below that we offer. Find them again repeated in a list in our BabeSafe® Store during your check out process just after you have selected your covers and before you use the Checkout button.

If you need help Sizing your baby's mattress, write us an email with the mattress dimensions, the width and depth, and also length. Or if you have found the mattress girth from the method shown on our Measuring Help page, we can help you with the Size from that girth measurement.

There are Interim Instructions available on what to do to prevent SIDS while you wait for your BabeSafe® cover to arrive, don't worry. The Instructions are a bit inconvenient compared with the SIDS wrap, which is the actual best solution.
If you expect your baby to arrive before you would expect the cover to arrive, ask for the Interim Instructions in the Order Comments when you place your order. The Interim Instructions protect your baby during the meantime. It's still best to order your covers in a timely manner though, at least a month prior to your needing them.

For How to Wrap a mattress, watch our Mattress-Wrapping Demonstration Video.

If you have any Questions, you can reach us easily by email or by phone EST from our website's Contact Us page.

Our FAQs page explains in question and answer format how mattress-wrapping solves many of the issues surrounding SIDS. Read in the Further Reading Menu tab the details about this mattress wrapping method. Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders before you have put this method into practice. Decide for yourself whether using BabeSafe® mattress covers is an option for your baby.

Search for Baby Mattress Covers, LLC content on the Web by using our hashtag #CampaigningToPreventSIDS.

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Shipping Types:

With the Free Shipping Type, the BabeSafe® mattress cover will be mailed direct to you by New Zealand Post International Air Parcel. Free shipping is available to all countries except Canada, Israel and Mexico. With this selection type there are no shipping or handling charges, but also no tracking.

Select the Expedited Shipping Type to have the mattress protector shipped with tracking to an address in the USA, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and most all other countries. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for our Expedited shipping. There is a fee associated with Expedited shipping, with the amount depending on your destination. The VAT may also be required in some countries to receive your cover.

Only in the USA is there any significant difference in delivery times between Free and Expedited shipping. To other countries, having, or not having tracking is the only significant difference between the two types.

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For orders of multiple covers, use the code 2percentoff and receive 2% off all the order items.

Returning Customers receive an automatic 2% discount when you Sign in with the same previous email address you used the last time. There may be a bit of lag time from today's purchase until you are manually added to the 'Returning Customer' Group. Sign in from our BabeSafe® Store to get the Discount. 'Your Account > Settings' should show you are in the 'Returning Customer' Group when you are logged in.

For those ordering from Benton Harbor, Michigan or Kalamazoo County, Michigan or from the State of Mississippi we arbitrarily have chosen to facilitate mattress-wrapping in your areas. We want to help reduce your very high Infant Mortality rates when compared to the rest of the USA. We offer a 2% reduction calculated on the items in the Shopping Bag. The discount amount is found as a default negative shipping price from New Zealand. It is possible to opt out of this discount.

If any other SIDS prevention methods are recommended to you, we are not asking you to give them up. But, we do insist you also use a BabeSafe® mattress cover and use 100% cotton bedding with no padding or quilting. It is then self-understood, we also insist you sleep your baby in an infant sleeping situation: a crib, bassinet, "pack n play" or a co-sleeper. Do not bedshare with your baby. This way you can take advantage of the very successful results achieved in fighting SIDS/cot death/crib death they have had in New Zealand with mattress-wrapping.

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