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Barb Knoll, CNM ret.

Barb Knoll, CNM ret.

midwife, business owner

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife with 43 years in Nursing of which 24 have been in Midwifery. Having delivered over 1,800 babies I know the desire of every parent to protect their infants. Those who know what SIDS is (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome — known as Cot Death in New Zealand) it leaves much fear in their hearts as they put their babies down to sleep.

Many mothers have told me their loss of sleep during the first few months after delivery was more due to their frequent checking to see if the baby was still breathing, rather than the baby crying and waking them up. I am convinced that mattress-wrapping with the BabeSafe® mattress covers protects babies from SIDS.

In the course of my practice I have seen the sad deaths of babies who were sleeping on unwrapped mattresses; yet in New Zealand there have been no reported SIDS deaths among the more than 245,000+ babies who have slept on mattresses wrapped with BabeSafe® mattress covers and using the specified bedding for a wrapped mattress, 100% cotton with no padding.

I became a BabeSafe distributor in December of 2002 after the son of one of our L&D nurse’s died of SIDS.  Patrick was 6½ months old.  He was in day care when it happened and it devastated everyone involved. I found an article about the work of Dr. Sprott in New Zealand shortly after this happened and the rest is history. The effectiveness of the covers impressed me. A photo of Patrick is on our Dedication page and sketched in our company logo. In 2004 we started online with Baby Mattress Covers. In 2008 we incorporated for liability sake into Baby Mattress Covers, LLC.

Paul R Knoll

Paul R Knoll

chemist, manager

One thing that you need to know about my husband Paul is that he is extremely loyal to whatever he is committed to. He graduated from Hope College in Holland, MI with a double major in German and Chemistry.  He held different jobs for a while, but settled in at an analytical food testing laboratory for 7 years.  Because he wanted to improve himself in the field of chemistry he went back to school at the age of 48 and got his Masters in Chemistry, focusing on Toxicology, Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, at Western Michigan University with a 4.0 GPA. He belongs to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

We do not have any children as we married later in life, but we want to share ourselves in the lives of the younger generation. so he volunteers to work with second and third graders at our church because he believes in encouraging our children to mature in their spiritual life as well as in their physical life.

He fully took over our infant BabeSafe mattress cover business about 5 years ago. He knew next to nothing about babies and very little about running a business.  What he has lacked in knowledge he has made up in sheer dedication to learn everything he had to know. Now 5 years later after many seminars, classes, tutors and hours on the phone learning how to do things, we have a web site business to be proud of.

Do we make money on it? Only enough to make our business pay for itself. Do we care? Yes, but mainly our objective has been for the last 16 years we have had it was to save babies from dying of SIDS. Paul’s dedication to this mission means we have sold 8,000 mattress covers to people around the globe.

The work gets harder as governments make more rules that he has to implement.  He has wanted to quit numerous times, but his loyalty to our mission has kept him at it when it seemed impossible. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to him for doing what I know I could never do.

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