Bed Sharing

Why is Bedsharing Dangerous?

Bedsharing or Co-Sleeping increases the risk of SIDS:

Under the BabeSafe/Cot Life 2000 Protocol, co-sleeping/bedsharing between adults and babies must not occur under any circumstances. Your baby must sleep in their own separate bassinet/playpen/crib on a BabeSafe®-wrapped mattress and using the specified bedding for a wrapped mattress (see our Bedding Instructions).

Please note that until such time as your baby’s mattress can be wrapped with a BabeSafe® cover, having the baby sleep in your adult-sized bed is not an option. Ask us for our Interim Instructions on what you can do until your BabeSafe® mattress cover can come in the mail. Bedsharing between adults and babies poses a serious crib death risk (and accounts for more than one-half of all United States SIDS/crib deaths).

Your baby must never be placed in your bed, even if you are awake at the time. An adult bed is not safe for babies. Additionally, the fact that an adult is in the bed results in body heat, causing the fungus to grow and to consume the specific chemical compounds in the mattress to create toxic nerve gases.

Adult beds often have blankets and/or pillows which would likely have these chemical compounds in them as well. The specific compounds contain phosphorous, arsenic and/or antimony and are substrates for the toxic gases to form. An adult bed is sometimes used by other children in the family, adding more risk of toxic gases being formed with their body heat.

If you wish to breastfeed your baby in your bedroom, do this sitting upright in a chair. When nursing is over return your baby to their own separate bassinet/crib/co-sleeper to continue sleeping on their BabeSafe®-wrapped mattress. Use only 100% cotton blankets and non-padded swaddling.

The BabeSafe protocol is issued for the wrapping of infant-sized mattresses and specifically for the purpose of crib death prevention. The protocol is not issued for wrapping mattresses larger than infant-sized or for wider medical/environmental purposes. Therefore BabeSafe® covers are not manufactured in youth mattress or adult mattress sizes.

Bedsharing Summary Points:

  • Don’t bedshare with your baby on your adult-sized mattress.
  • Don’t allow your baby to bedshare with an older child in that child’s bed.
  • Don’t sleep twin babies or more than one baby together.
  • Do sleep your baby in an infant sleeping situation.
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