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Bedding instructions for a BabeSafe®-wrapped mattress:

1. On top of the wrapped mattress place a 100% pure cotton single-layer flat blanket (or a pure cotton bath towel).
2. On top of that blanket (or towel) place two pure cotton sheets and tuck these in beneath the wrapped mattress. (The baby sleeps between these two sheets.) It is fine for the lower sheet to be a fitted/elasticized sheet. It is fine for the blankets to have satin edging.
3. On top of the upper sheet place a 100% pure wool or 100% pure cotton blanket, a single-layer with no padding or quilting.
4. Do not use any of the following items in the baby's crib:

• Sheepskin or lambskin
• Sheepfleece or lambfleece underlay
• Any form of mattress protector
• Any form of mattress pad
• Any blanket containing acrylic
• Any blanket containing polyester
• Any bedding item which is quilted/padded/filled
• Duvet or quilt
• Pillows or cushions
• Sleeping-bag or clothing-bag

5. Do not sleep the baby in any clothing item which is in the form of a bag.

Bumper Pads:

Bumper pads can be placed across the head of the crib and part-way along the crib sides. Ensure that the bumper pads are firmly secured, with no gaps between the pads and the crib sides.


You can use a valance in the crib provided the following requirements are met:
• The entire valance is made of fabric
• The entire valance is beneath the BabeSafe®-wrapped mattress
• The baby cannot access the valance in the crib

Sleepwear to Use:

Babies must be able to dissipate body heat while sleeping in their cribs, and therefore they should be lightly dressed for sleep.
We recommend that you:

• Sleep the baby in pajamas or a loose baby gown (in colder temperatures a singlet/vest can also be worn)
• Don't sleep the baby in any item of clothing which encloses the baby's feet or hands
• Don't use a bonnet/helmet for sleep
• It is fine to wrap (swaddle) a baby in a pure cotton nappy/diaper or other flat pure cotton sheeting (but don't use a blanket or thick wrap for this purpose). When wrapping (swaddling) the baby, leave the baby's hands and feet free.

In the case you do not have your SIDS wrap already, check out our BabeSafe® covers on our BabeSafe® Products page.


Miscellaneous Instructions for Re-Sizing a BabeSafe­® Cover:

How to fit a BabeSafe® cover onto a non-standard size (i.e. smaller) mattress:
• First, read the bedding instructions which are printed on the underside of the BabeSafe® cover, and prepare the bedding.
• Do not cut the BabeSafe® cover to fit the mattress.
• Place the mattress inside the BabeSafe® cover so that the ventilation hole/s on the cover are on the UNDERSIDE of the mattress. Then move the mattress so that it is centrally positioned inside the cover (i.e. do not slide the mattress to one end of the cover).
• Maintaining the mattress in the centered position, seal the adhesive seal on the BabeSafe® cover.
• Make the cover firm and smooth around the mattress, and fold the excess plastic to the UNDERSIDE of the mattress.
• Tape down the excess plastic with wide, clear, colorless packaging tape, taking care not to cover the ventilation hole/s on the underside of the wrapped mattress. Note: Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape or duct tape.
• Place the wrapped mattress in the crib with the ventilation hole/s facing the base of the crib, and make up the bed using the specified bedding (as printed on the underside of the BabeSafe® cover).

Cleaning Instructions:

Do not remove the BabeSafe® cover from the mattress for cleaning. To clean the cover, wipe it with a solution of pure bar soap and warm water, and then dry with a towel. Do not use chemical bleaches or sterilants to clean a BabeSafe® cover.