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Contact Information:


Baby Mattress Covers, LLC
614 Lynn Drive
Berrien Springs
Michigan 49103-1027
United States
Phone: +1-269.815.5186

Office Hours:

Mornings: Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.: 9:00am-1:00pm | Sat.: 10:00am-12:00pm ET
Afternoons: Mon. Tues. Thurs.: 2:00pm-5:00pm
Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Purchase Deadlines:
Credit card purchases made before 7:00am EST are processed that same day. That is, every day's purchases clear Authorize.Net at 7:00am. PayPal's processing is not timed, but PayPal cover orders are processed by us at the same time as credit card orders.

To contact BabeSafe in New Zealand use the information given on their website:


Privacy Policy


We ask that all of our customers view this our Privacy Policy to gain reassurance that we are using your Personal Data responsibly.

We have done our best here to be as complete as possible to share with you every aspect of how we use your Customer Data.

§ 1. Cookies

◽ Our Cookies start collecting personal data when you start navigating our website. If you do not agree with our use of cookies, please do not use our website.

◽ For EU Users, your clicking 'Accept' on the top banner unlocks your browser for navigation and gives your consent to our use of cookies. Your consent lapses after you close your browser.

◽ Our Joomla! info website, hosted on an Ipower server, collects one session cookie for the operation of the website. When each page of our website is viewed, that page remains separately in cache for your IP address. Our Joomla! site does not retain anything identifiable to you and your personal data remains anonymous to us with this cookie.

◽ Our Ecwid powered BabeSafe® Store is itself EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and on a USA, Amazon server.

Google Tag Manager contains the following tags on all pages for both our website and the BabeSafe® Store: Zotabox, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google AdWords. The cookies collected through these services are for e-commerce success evaluation, social media and ad marketing, as well as for page visit analysis. That is, analysis for site traffic and for website design improvement.

● Zotabox

» The Zotabox tag in Google Tag Manager places script for the EU Cookie Notification banner and the Social Media Buttons/Social Media Bar on our websites' pages. Zotabox places a cookie on your browser that retains your consent for both our websites.

● Facebook

» The two Facebook Pixel associated with our websites are of the Ad Pixel type. One Pixel is associated with the BabeSafe Mattress Covers Facebook page and the other is associated with the Baby Mattress Covers, LLC Facebook page. Both Pixel IDs accumulate Customer Data consisting of Contact Information [name, email address and phone numbers] and Event Data [actions taken, such as website visits and purchases made]. In the EU this Customer Data is termed Personal Data where Facebook is the Data Processor and we are the Data Controller.

» The Facebook Contact Information is only used (along with Event Data) to make matching with Facebook or Instagram user IDs. Once the match has been made, the Contact Information is deleted.

» The Facebook Event Data is used to generate Facebook Analytics reports on the Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns we run and to provide business insight into how you interact with our website and store. We target Facebook-presented ad Audiences generated from non-Baby Mattress Covers, LLC Customer Data provided by Facebook. The audience we select is Mom's that may be interested in mattress-wrapping.

» We do not upload email addresses or phone numbers, nor do we upload Sales Data to Facebook for any of the Facebook Tools.

» The copy of the BabeSafe® Store accessed from the Baby Mattress Covers, LLC Facebook page resides on the Ecwid managed Amazon server and not on the Facebook server. The store is under our control in terms of personal data, the store has the EU Cookie Notification consent banner and the store is further detailed under other BabeSafe® Store topics in this Privacy Policy.

» There are two manner of consent to use Facebook Customer Data: 1.) When you interact with our websites, accepting our Cookie Banner shows you agree to our use of Facebook cookies on our websites. 2.) When you are on our Facebook page or our Instagram account, or their respective ads, it is implied that you have accepted the use of those Facebook cookies by your use of Facebook services. When linking from Facebook or Instagram to our websites our cookie banner gains your consent to our use of Facebook cookies on our websites.

» No additional third-party has access to our Facebook Customer Data.

● Google Analytics and Google AdWords

» The Google Analytics (GA) cookie data provides statistics to help us monitor the number of sessions, geolocation of traffic to our websites and the efficiency of our business [ecommerce conversion and bounce rates]. The GA tag also provides us session duration information on how long the average person spends on our websites, how they find our website and the path they take navigating our website once they are here. The GA has a Real Time feature showing where someone presently on the websites is from, which and how many pages they have viewed. Real Time is only a curiosity for us and not used for any purposes.

» The Google AdWords and GA cookie tags provide event information for Remarketing and Conversions. They also supply demographics and impressions information for Advertising. The AdWords campaigns include Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing. Our only AdWords Audience is of those who visit our website determined by AdWords and GA tags in Google Tag Manager.

» Event Data and User Data is retained on Google Analytics for 26 months. No personally identifiable information (like names, email addresses or phone numbers) are collected. Because User-ID's are not enabled on our GA account, your visits to, and your behavior on, our site are not tracked. We target ads by location to country, state or county. The specific zip codes to only Benton Harbor, MI and to Kalamazoo, MI are the closest to granular AdWords targeting we perform.

» The third-party provider that has access to your cookie personal data is our Google AdWords management team with additional access to our Google Analytics information. Our AdWords management team is currently assessing their compliance with the EU GDPR.

● How you can control the use of cookies.

» This EU website ( ) allows you to manage which ad companies use cookies on your browser. You are able to restrict behavioral ad targeting at your browser level. To learn in English how to control ad cookies, select the 'United Kingdom' to access the 'Your Ad Choices' option.

» This UK website describes how to delete all cookies from your browser. ( ) It must be noted that doing so may hinder various functions stored on your browser, such as saved logins.

» The Google Analytics browser opt-out add-on ( ) feature is available for most all browsers. When correctly installed on your browser, this add-on prevents your visit activity from being shared with GA. But website statistics are still collected.

§ 2. Personally Identifiable Information

◽ Your name, address and email address are kept locally on our computer and in our online BabeSafe® Store database. This is to keep a record of you as a customer. Your email address is also kept online for discount authorization. Your IP address is recorded by our online store and our payment gateways.

◽ Your contact information is not sold to others and is only used for our Baby Mattress Covers, LLC purposes. We have used some mailing addresses for marketing in the past, but continue to choose to no longer do so.

◽ Your name, address, email address, IP address and the items you have purchased can all be deleted from our currently active records at your request. They may be still present within archival backups never accessed. More recent backups, used on the occasion of a computer failure emergency, will not contain your Personally Identifiable Information.

◽ The Authorize.Net and PayPal gateways for your cardholder data have your credit card number, name, address, email address and IP address on record. They both are PCI-DSS compliant. Our computer and virtual terminal are also PCI-DSS compliant. We undergo a yearly inventory PCI-DSS self-audit. We do not retain your credit card numbers. The card numbers are entered into the Authorize.Net or PayPal gateways and we no longer have access to them. Only refunds can be given.

◽ Our Gift Certificates are UK processed by Gift Up! with the PCI-DSS compliant PayPal gateway. Gift Up! retains only your contact information of name, email address and gift card purchased. Your payment information is secure and only on PayPal.

§ 3. Marketing

◽ We do not do email marketing, nor plan to do so. Your email address is secure.

◽ Our best marketing approach is your active word-of-mouth to other parents and grandparents. Please help us by actively campaigning to prevents SIDS with this mattress-wrapping method. That is, by sharing with other parents/grandparents about their using the BabeSafe® mattress covers and 100% cotton bedding with no padding for their babies!

§ 4. Singular Discount

◽ We have arbitrarily chosen to facilitate mattress-wrapping in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Kalamazoo County, Michigan and in the State of Mississippi targeted by zip code from our Ecwid shopping cart. We offer the discount as a reduction from the Free Shipping from New Zealand shipping method for these three billing locations, based on areas with high SIDS/Infant Mortality rates. The amount is calculated on the items in the Shopping Bag. It is possible to opt-in/opt-out of this discount.

§ 5. Data Controller

◽ Site management is performed by our Manager, Paul Knoll, at our physical address location. See top

Updated: April 20, 2018