Dedication to Patrick Jay

September 21, 2001 to April 9, 2002

In Memory of Patrick JayWhy We Got Started

This website has been dedicated in memory of Patrick Jay
who died of SIDS at 6½ months of age.

I worked with Patrick’s mother Marla, who is an RN working on labor and delivery. The shock of Patrick’s death was compounded by reading shortly afterwards about Dr. Sprott’s work in NZ. A needless death could have been averted if this information had been more widely published. Since reading and researching Dr. TJ Sprott’s work, I have become a strong advocate of his theory. As of December 2015 there had been over 245,000 babies sleeping on BabeSafe® mattress covers with no death due to cot death/SIDS. This is enough evidence to make me want to share it with you.

Barb Knoll, CNM, ret.

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