For orders of multiple covers:

Use the code 2percentoff and receive 2% off all the order items. There is a limit of 3 covers for the normal purchase. If you are a day care center, please ask for a variance to purchase in bulk.


Returning customers:

Receive an automatic 2% discount when you Sign in with the same previous email address you used the last time. There may be a bit of lag time from today’s purchase until you are manually added to the ‘Returning Customer’ Group. Sign in from our BabeSafe® Store to get the Discount. ‘Your Account > Settings’ should show you are in the ‘Returning Customer’ Group when you are logged in.

We do not do email marketing. The only reason for you to sign in, is to track your order history and to receive your discount. We do send you a reminder email if you start but do not complete your order.

Special location discounts:

For those ordering from Benton Harbor, Michigan or Kalamazoo County, Michigan or from the State of Mississippi we arbitrarily have chosen to facilitate mattress-wrapping in your areas. We want to help reduce your very high Infant Mortality rates when compared to the rest of the USA. We offer a 2% reduction calculated on the items in the Shopping Bag. The discount amount is found as a default negative shipping price from New Zealand. It is possible to opt out of this discount.