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Measuring the Girth of a Mattress

The Girth measures 67.5 inches

Measuring your mattress to get the girth is important to get the right size cover.

The way to order the right size mattress cover is to first measure the length, then measure the girth.

Finding the girth is accurately done by taking a measuring tape and going completely around the mattress at the width as seen in the first picture above. It could be visualized as measuring the “waist” of the mattress when it is standing on end. The girth of the mattress above is 67.5 inches as seen in the second picture.

An alternative to using a measuring tape (for example if the girth of the mattress is too large for your tape) is to use a string to measure the girth. Then measure the string with a ruler. Unfortunately knitting yarn stretches and will give an inaccurate measurement.

A third alternative is to use the three dimensions, the width of your mattress, it’s depth and it’s length. Those three measurements are another way to calculate the girth of your mattress. The girth cm (or in inches) = depth cm(in) + width cm(in) + depth cm(in) + width cm(in).

The BabeSafe® mattress cover slips over the entire mattress like a bag so the cover can be adjusted to fit if the cover is a little larger than the mattress.

We can help you if you are not sure which cover to get if you send us the correct length and girth. Ask us at our Contact Us page.

See the Miscellaneous Instructions and watch our Mattress Wrapping Demonstration video on how to fit a cover that is a little larger over a smaller mattress.

We are here to help you. Feel free to e-mail us if you need assistance Contact Us.

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