What is the mechanism of SIDS/Crib Death?

patrick jay logoThe baby's lungs stop breathing (apnea) and the baby's heart stops beating.

Why do the lungs and heart stop functioning?
Because the relevant nerve impulses from the brain don't reach the lungs and heart to cause them to function.

Why don't the nerve impulses reach the lungs and heart?
Because the nerves stop transmitting the impulses.

Why do the nerves stop transmitting the impulses?
Because of the accumulation of acetylcholine in the blood.

Why does acetylcholine accumulate in the blood?
Because the cholinesterase enzyme is deactivated.

What de-activates the cholinesterase enzyme?
Anticholinesterase agents.

What are these anticholinesterase agents?
Nerve gases formed from compounds of phosphorus, arsenic, and/or antimony; phosphine, arsine and/or stibine, respectively.

Where are the compounds of phosphorus, arsenic and antimony?

In the baby's bedding (along with fungi which convert the compounds into the gases.)

What is successfully being used to stop the gases?
BabeSafe­® mattress covers when used according to Dr. Sprott's bedding instructions.