Returns Policy:

Your BabeSafe® mattress covers are shipped in tough plastic mailers from New Zealand International Air Parcel and arrive in excellent condition.

If by chance the mailers are damaged, or the cover itself is damaged upon arrival, it must be returned to Baby Mattress Covers, LLC before a refund can be given.*

Returns on BabeSafe® mattress covers cannot be made once the manufacturer’s plastic safety wrapper has been opened. Do not open the packaging to place the cover on your mattress to check for the correct sizing. Measure the girth of your mattress for proper sizing. Our Measuring Help page shows how to find the girth of your mattress. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Only returns of your unopened mattress cover—that is, only those covers with the original manufacturer's plastic safety film packaging unopened—will be accepted. After opening the safety tape on the covers, we cannot accept returns.**

No returns are possible after 180 days.

Please check with us first to verify you purchased your BabeSafe® cover from us, to give us notice and to clarify we both understand the procedures. We cannot accept returned purchases made from other distributors.

After you have made arrangements with us, please mail the cover to our address shown on our Contact Us page.***   When we receive the returned cover, and are certain it is in an unopened condition, we will refund the amount to your payment provider, your respective credit card or PayPal account.


(*) Covers that shipped to you from New Zealand should be returned to us in Michigan to receive refunds.

(**) We contend that our BabeSafe® mattress covers qualify as hygiene products under EU Directive 2011/83/EU Article 16.(e) and are exempt from the 14-day withdrawal from contract waiting period. For all countries returned covers will be accepted, but not if the safety tape has been opened to render the covers as having been used. Used covers cannot be accepted as returns.

(***) Previous Expedited S&H and the Return S&H are your responsibility.