Specifications Information:

Proper Bedding is Important:

It is essential to use the specified bedding for a BabeSafe® wrapped mattress, because bedding can also contain the elements phosphorus (P), arsenic (As) and/or antimony (Sb), the chemical elements that we say form the toxic gases that are suspected to cause SIDS. By following the Bedding Instructions, you can virtually eliminate the possibility of gas generation from those elements in bedding. Only 100% pure cotton single layer bedding (i.e. sheets, flat blankets, and towels) can be used on top of a BabeSafe® mattress cover and over the baby. Padded or quilted bedding is not permitted.

BabeSafe® Cover Specifications:

The mattress slides into the BabeSafe® mattress cover, and after the cover is sealed your baby is protected from exposure to any gases generated in the mattress.

The BabeSafe® matress cover has ventilation holes on the underside, which allow fresh air to pass in to the mattress, thereby preventing mold growth on the wrapped mattress. Once the mattress is wrapped, the ventilation holes must be placed downwards in the crib, facing the floor.

The BabeSafe® cover is made of inert plastic, and therefore the cover itself cannot generate any gases. It is a plastic mattress cover designed specifically to prevent SIDS.

The plastic baby mattress cover is a polyethylene bag 125 microns thick (4.92 mils). This cover is designed thick enough to be impermeable to gases. Because the cover needs to be a barrier to gases, it is made intentionally to not be breathable.

The BabeSafe® mattress cover contains no detectable phosphorus, arsenic or antimony. It does not contain phthalates, BPA or latex.

Our SIDS wrap is sometimes mistakenly called a BabySafe Mattress Cover. BabeSafe® is the original name and product. Please wrap your baby's mattress with a BabeSafe® mattress cover to prevent SIDS.

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