BabeSafe® Mattress Cover Specifications:

Our BabeSafe® Mattress Cover Dimensions:

Here are all of our BabeSafe® wraps in one overview table for you to compare the specifications of one cover Size to another.

Cover Name
Mattress Dimensions
Max. Mattress
Max. Mattress

Bassinet BabeSafe® Cover

Size A
90cm (35″) 96cm (37.8″)

European Size Bassinet BabeSafe® Cover

Size B
120cm X 58cm X 7.5cm
47″ X 23″ X 3″
125cm (49″) 132cm (51.97″)

Playard BabeSafe® Cover

Size C
120cm X 58cm X 12.5cm
47″ X 23″ X 5″
125cm (49″) 142cm (55.9″)

Medium Crib BabeSafe® Cover

Size E
131cm X 67cm X 12.5cm
52″ X 26″ X 5″
140cm (55″) 162cm (63.8″)

Large Crib BabeSafe® Cover

Size F
131cm X 67cm X 18cm
52″ X 26″ X 7″
140cm (55″) 174cm (68.5″)

Playpen BabeSafe® Cover

Size P
115cm (45″) 152cm (59.8″)

SIDS Mattress Cover Characteristics:

This table details the Physical Characteristics of our BabeSafe® mattress covers for you to better understand what we offer.

BabeSafe® Mattress Cover Physical Description
125 micron (4.92 mils), too thick to pose any suffocation risk.
The printed, bottom side of the wrap has one hole with the Size A and two holes with the Sizes B,C,E,F and P.
The holes’ purpose is to allow fresh air to the mattress, preventing mold to form and to keep the cover from pillowing up when your baby lies on it.
The BabeSafe® cover is a gas impenetrable barrier between your baby and the mattress. The cover is not breathable. Any toxic nerve gases generated by the mattress are heavier than air and diffuse away from the ventilation holes to the floor.
The SIDS mattress cover is made of chemically inert, extruded, polyethylene polymer containing no detectable phosphorous, arsenic or antimony. BabeSafe® covers are odorless and emit no chemicals.
The BabeSafe® mattress cover’s polyethylene plastic contains no BPA, phthalates or latex. The covers do not emit, and indeed block Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) gases. The cover blocks formaldehyde.
No BabeSafe® covers were involved with any of the New Zealand SIDS death’s, of all the 245,000+ BabeSafe® covers used when the specified bedding were also used.
There has not been any reported SIDS deaths of 7,900+ covers sold by Baby Mattress Covers, LLC.
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