The Solution to SIDS

Contrary to prevalent belief, SIDS can be prevented.

SIDS Puzzle is Solved

In the mid-1990s Dr. Sprott started a nationwide mattress-wrapping campaign in New Zealand to eliminate SIDS/Crib Death. He invented the BabeSafe® mattress cover. The cover is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic mattress cover in the form of a bag, manufactured under strict requirements to contain no detectable phosphorus, arsenic or antimony. The baby’s mattress is sealed inside this protective cover, with the result that no gas generation occurring on the mattress can reach the baby on the outside of the barrier.

Since BabeSafe® mattress covers came onto the market in New Zealand in 1996, there have been no reported cases of SIDS/Crib Death among the very large number of babies (more than 245,000) who have slept on BabeSafe® wrapped mattresses. That the specified 100% cotton bedding for a wrapped mattress must also be used is also another SIDS solution requirement.

Dr. Sprott’s SIDS method was developed as a simple and affordable method of protecting babies from toxic gases which can be generated in mattresses. Seek out an authorized distributor of BabeSafe® mattress covers to protect your baby.

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