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Mattress Wrapping Video by Barb and Sarah.

Barb and Sarah show how to wrap a playpen mattress with a BabeSafe® mattress cover. The technique also applies to crib, co-sleeper and bassinet mattresses just as well.

Sizing down a larger cover to fit a smaller mattress.

If your mattress is somewhat smaller than the nearest BabeSafe® cover Size available, the video shows how you how to take up the extra plastic to make the cover a snug fit. A good fit helps to minimize the crinkling sound the cover makes when your baby moves on it.

The crinkling noise comes because the BabeSafe® cover is such a thick plastic needed to block the gases. When your mattress cover crinkles, it is a sign that it does not contain plasticizers to make it soft and flexible. The noise shows those chemicals are not there and in that way the cover is safe against SIDS.

To me that small inconvenience is worth, just the knowledge that I know, that my kid is going to be safe on this mattress now.


Mom of four boys and BabeSafe® mattress wrap user

For Measuring Help on how to find the girth to size your mattress Click/Tap Here.

Misconceptions on Mattress-Wrapping

Corrected by Barb

Here’s what our BabeSafe® Covers look like.

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